Looking for a strong workout plan that ALSO teaches you good form and proper technique?  I got you.

Eight weeks of perfecting your kettlebell moves and putting those skills into practice.

*Tired of random workout or fitness programs that leave you with nothing but sweat at the end?
*Are you wanting to learn how to make the most of your kettlebells-while also building strength and mobility in a progressive, safe way?
*Are you looking to be coached by an expert but don't want the price tag of personal training?
Then The KSB is for you!
We start 2/8!
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*Once you make your payment, you'll receive a welcome email with the details within 24 hours, and a Terms of Use Waiver that must be signed before we can begin working together.  


This program will teach you all the foundational kettlebell skills you need- and then some!  We'll work through 8 weeks of progressive skill building to not only increase your strength and mobility, but to do so safely.  Lots of attention to form and detail here to keep you injury free and feeling good in your body.

All the moves are done with one kettlebell- but it would be helpful to have a heavy one for swings and a lighter one you can use for cleans or overhead presses.

First workout goes out Sunday, February 7th and the program officially begins Monday, February 8th, 2021!


What you can expect with your registration:

  • An email each week, with a video tutorial of a skill and a written 45 minute-ish full body workout (with video exercise demo's) that compliments that move
  • Complete follow along warm up video
  • Each week will have a different bonus 10 minute follow along mobility video
  • Private Facebook Community to share, ask questions, and get feedback from me.  A new stretch posted weekly and a LIVE check in- every Wednesday at 11am EST
  • 4 ZOOM meet ups- every other Monday at 11am EST (dates are 2/8, 2/22, 3/8 and 3/22). .  I'll have a topic to discuss at the start of each session, but the main goal is to answer any questions, go over modifications, and offer support!  A recording of the meetings will be sent out after each session.



*Once you make your payment, you'll receive a welcome email with the details within 24 hours, and a Terms of Use Waiver that must be signed before we can begin working together.  



I come across so many people who love kettlebells but are not quite sure how to use them or how to make the most of them.  People feel either afraid they're going to injure themselves or aren't quite sure of how and why kettlebells benefit them.  And I don't blame them!  I see plenty of programs out there that either use kettlebells as dumbbells (completely missing out on all the fun kettlebells can be!) or programming that's a bit all over the place.  The workouts have a variety of exercises that don't allow you to become proficient at any one thing.

That's where this program comes in.  I want people to feel like they know exactly what they're doing when they pick up a kettlebell, and to feel the confidence that comes with owning your movements.  Each week you'll have the opportunity to really refine your skill and build for the next week, when we add on the next exercise.  This is how you build a strong base of strength that allows you to build progressively and safely. 



*Some general fitness knowledge is required.  The weekly written workouts will have some basic strength building moves.  Think squats, rows, pushups, presses.  If those words don't conjure up an image in your brain- and some comfort in doing them- this isn't for you.

*If you have lots of kettlebell experience or none at all, this program is for you- there will be instructions to accommodate for different levels.

 *In all my years of teaching kettlebells, I can honestly say that most people need some refinement.  Kettlebells require know-how to be safe!  And even if you have it, I'm a huge fan of spending time to review the basics- something I do often myself.  You can always find ways to improve.

*If you are looking for a program that is progressive, safe, and focused on form, this is for you.  Each week will build off the previous week.  By the end of it,  you'll have  many new moves in your arsenal,  feel confident in your kettlebell skills, and you'll feel stronger and move better.

*If you're looking to get strong free of diet talk, numbers, and sizes- this is for you.  Getting strong and mobile has nothing to do with size, and this program is a safe place for all that seek exercise without diet culture.



*If you are looking a different workout each day of the week, this isn't for you.  The truth about strength and skill building is that it takes TIME and PRACTICE, or as I always say, reps on reps.  

*If you are looking for short HIIT workouts or metcons, this isn't for you.  This program is designed to build a base of strength and skill- something that I think should be a pre-requisite to HIIT workouts anyway.  If you aren't willing to commit to 2-3 days a week and spend 30-45 minutes (workout length depends on your level), a different program would better suit you. 

* If you don't have access to kettlebells, this isn't for you.  Although moves can be modified with a dumbbell, a huge part of this program is building kettlebell skills.  Having a heavier weight you can swing and a lighter one for cleans and presses is necessary.

*If you're on another program, I wouldn't suggest doing that AND this.  If you are already strength training, then 3 times/wk of these workouts and your lower intensity movements (walking, biking, yoga) or steady state cardio is enough.


What you're getting with 



One on one coaching with me: $100/hr 

Four  group coaching live sessions via Zoom: $400

Access to a Private Facebook Community with live weekly check ins and unlimited support: $1000

8 weeks worth of written workouts: $1200

Mobility and Exercise Demo video's: $400


TOTAL VALUE: $3,000.00

YOUR COST: $497.00

Two payment options:

Option 1: Paid in Full

Option 2: Two payments of $255.00, due on day one and at the 4 week mark


Each round I invest 10% of total revenue from this program to a social justice organization in need.  This round is dedicated to The Southern Poverty Law Center.  The SPLC works tirelessly to monitor domestic hate groups, teach Tolerance in schools, and focus on impact litigation for societies most vulnerable.


*This program will leave you not just feeling stronger, but will teach you skills and ways to modify each exercise so that you'll feel accomplished and confident!
So are you ready??
Can't wait to do this with you!
In good health,

*Once you make your payment, you'll receive a welcome email with the details within 24 hours, and a Terms of Use Waiver that must be signed before we can begin working together.